A Whole New Look

Website Facelift

See anything different? Silly question, right? You’re probably already noticing the new look. Here at NorthKoreanRefugees.com we’re in the process of changing our site’s appearance. Starting today, we’re sporting an entirely new, more streamlined style.

The old look was a very new look back in 2002, when we first launched this site. But time marches on – especially on the Internet – and the very newest thing can be superseded very quickly by technology that works better, faster and more transparently. 

But enough about the technology… that’ll be boring to everybody (except maybe the nerdy webmaster of this site). What’s really important is how much easier it’ll be for you to find things. For example, the search function is way more dependable in this new format.

Also, the pages are now wider, which nobody would really care about, except that we can now post pictures that are about 50% bigger.

In addition, we’re gradually working our way backward, transferring all articles into a common database – which is nerd-speak for “it’s now easier for you to search for stories by tag.” (And by the way, for us more mature readers, “tags” is what they’re calling “keywords” these days.)

Of course there’s more, but we won’t belabor the point. Just know this – the purpose of this website is still the same: to bring you the latest information about North Korean Refugees and what we’re doing (with your help) to make their lives better, safer and more secure. And we look forward to your continued help and support as we continue onward through all the unending changes in technology, regimes, alliances, and whatever else tomorrow may bring.

Or as we Japanese say, “Yoroshiku onegai shimasu.”

Kato Hiroshi
Executive Director, LFNKR

P.S. If you’d like to browse articles in the old archives, click below:
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