3000 NK Prisoners Granted Amnesty


News Leaks from North Korea

To celebrate the 100th birthday of Kim Il-sung, North Korea’s first leader, a general amnesty has been declared, and 3,740 prisoners released. Although a few political prisoners were reportedly included, no specific number or names have been disclosed.

Prior to the release, according to some of those granted amnesty, prisoners had to sign an oath never to disclose anything witnessed or experienced while imprisoned. They were also required to give three rousing cheers for the Great Leader Kim.

In other news, some senior associates of the Pyongyang Project Commission say that several members of the Ammunition Industry Department and the National Science Commission were punished for the recent failed missile launch, which had been intended to honor the ascension of Kim Jong-un to the post of First Secretary of the Worker’s Party.

Although Paek Se-bong, chairman of Economic Committee II of North Korea’s Ammunition Industry narrowly escaped dismissal, Kim Hyon-tae, the vice chairman, lost his post.

Pak Se-il, head of the Missile Research Institute in Pyongyang, and the Institute’s deputy director (name unknown) were stripped of their job titles and then let go. In addition, Lee Cha-bang, the Chairman of the National Science & Technology Committee was ousted. No official reason has been given for the firings.

According to some North Korean defectors now living in Japan, those fired may end up in concentration camps.