3 Young Women Trapped by Human Trafficking

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LFNKR has so far helped more than 200 North Korean refugees escape to safe destinations where they’ve been able to start new lives.

Earlier this week, we received urgent requests from three desperate North Korean women in China. They are all in their early thirties, victims of human trafficking.  Two of them had been sold to extremely poor Chinese farmers in Hebei.

Because they cannot speak Chinese, their husbands have been verbally and physically abusing them, constantly cursing and using violence on the women, telling them that they are worthless and incompetent.  Each of them became pregnant against their wishes, and beaten so often their bodies are covered with scars and bruises. They came to fear that they would be killed.

The third woman is ill, but cannot see a doctor, since she is not a Chinese national.  If she went to a hospital, she would immediately be arrested and deported back to North Korea where severe punishment awaits all escapees.

These three women all plead that they do not want to die in misery in this remote Hebei village.

These North Korean women escaped into China in an attempt to secure better lives, but each one trusted a human trafficker who lied to them and used them.

LFNKR wants to help these women escape to South Korea, where they can enjoy safety.  The current cost of rescue will total at least 900,000 yen (about 8,300USD).

We urge you to hear their cry for help.

If you would like to help these victimized women gain a better life, you can donate through PayPal at our Donate Page.