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China Promises Bounty on
All NK Refugees Turned in

April 31, 2013

Will Pay up to 2,000 Yuan per 5 Captured

Chinese authorities recently released a police order along the NK-China border which sets specific prices for any criminal escapees (North Korean refugees) trying to get away from the starvation and madness so rampant in their own country.

NKFC (North Korea Freedom Coalition) members, including LFNKR, have recently received information about the on-going crackdown by Chinese authorities. See a PDF copy of the Chinese language document, along with English and Korean translations.

The Offer:  Just turn in 3 escapees, and it's worth 500 Yuan. Or, for the more enterprising, simply betray 5 of these people seeking a way to stay alive, and the reward doubles to 1,000 yuan.

Even better, if you're a high-achiever and like to do things quickly (before the end of March) you'll receive twice the bounty. But this generous 2-for-1 offer expires soon, so get busy and start turning in your fellow man now.

Note: the previous paragraph includes a touch of irony.