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Helpful Dog, Momoko, Plays
Important Role in Fundraising

November 1, 2010

Volunteer Dog Boosts Donations

On Oct. 23, in front of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office, a large-scale rally was held in support of rescuing victims abducted by North Korea.

Hosted by the metropolitan assembly legislator coalition and Investigation Commission on Missing Japanese Probably Related to North Korea (Japanese NGO), a rally for rescuing the victims abducted by North Korea was held on Oct. 23 at the square in front of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office.

A total of 210 people representing 71 families gathered from all around Japan to publicly appeal for the rescue of their family members who have been abducted by the North Korean government. Many NGOs related to the North Korean human rights issue joined the rally.

LFNKR seized the opportunity to publicize the continuing plight of North Korean refugees. In addition to the posters featuring the movies "Crossing" and "Seoul Train" and other illustrations, LFNKR sold books, including the recent book authored by Noguchi Takayuki.

Our special vote of thanks goes to Momoko (meaning "peach-girl" in Japanese). Momoko, a dog owned by one of the LFNKR directors, debuted as this organization's first active member dog. Carrying a heart-shaped sign asking for donations, Momoko's participation helped boost donations to a new high.

Momoko sits in front of LFNKR's booth wearing a sign saying "Donations please" in Japanese. The framed illustrations behind are from our e-book "Are They Telling the Truth?"




LFNKR Executive Director Kato Hiroshi stands with Momoko and her owner (the face of Momoko's owner has been blurred to assure his security).