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US NGO Report "Lives for Sale"
July 22, 2009

Personal Accounts of NK Women Fleeing to China

An American NGO, The US Committee for Human Rights in North Korea (HRNK), at the end of April this year, released a 64-page document titled “Lives for Sale.”  The report includes 53 summarized personal accounts, along with the history and context of such human trafficking of North Korean women in China.  Most of the women fall into the hands of brokers, who sell them to Chinese farmers or to China’s sex trade.

Many reports on female North Korean victims of human trafficking, including the accounts similar to those in “Lives for Sale” have already been published by South Korean and Japanese NGOs in the past, but LFNKR considers it meaningful, because it has been published by and American NGO rather than an NGO in Asia.

Link to HRNK website: