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Gifts of Love for Foster Children
July 6, 2009

Early Christmas Gifts from US Warm LFNKR Members' Hearts, Too

LFNKR director Kato Hiroshi displays hand-knitted gifts from kind donor in US.

On July 3, a package filled with knitted goods arrived at the LFNKR office in Tokyo. They were sent by a lady in the US, who knitted them all herself.

She wrote that as she knitted, she pictured the finished gloves, mufflers and caps warming the North Korean foster children who are being protected under LFNKR's education sponsorship program.

Her warm-hearted presents are sure to warm the North Korean children this winter. They have already warmed the hearts of us at LFNKR.

Mufflers and mittens and caps of wool

Mrs. Warmheart, we humbly thank you for your gifts of love.