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Use this Free Brochure
Ready to Print & Hand Out

The easy way to tell others about North Korea

LFNKR often receives requests from public-minded citizens and organizations asking for materials to help them spread the word about North Korea's many human rights violations.

Below is a brochure that you can freely download and print out when you wish to tell others what's happening behind the curtain of secrecy in North Korea. The brochure gives a quick overview of our group's activities and invites readers to browse our site for further information.

The printout is in three columns, ready to fold into a standard tri-fold brochure. Download the PDF document and print it out on any color printer, first page on one side and second page on the other.


Layout for 8.5x11 Paper (US standard size)

Right Click this link to download the 8.5x11 PDF file


Layout for A4 Paper (Europe, Japan standard size)

Right Click this link to download the A4 PDF file