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Abstract of Speech:
Worldwide Abduction by North Korea

by Prof. Sadaki MANABE
     Toyo Eiwa University, Yokohama, Japan
      Vice Representative of Investigation Commission on       Persons Missing, Probably Related to North Korea

North Korea has abducted ordinary citizens throughout the world from the 1960s to the 1990s. We have so far confirmed victims from 12 countries and areas. Of course, we believe that more victims may possibily been abducted by North Korea.

International society must resolve this issue from the viewpoint of the violation of human rights and state sovereignty. This mission is currently impossible because the North Korean state has taken a very tough stance, practicing brinkmanship, nuclear development and terrorism. So, it will not be easy for us to resolve this human rights issue. But, we have to find a way to reach a solution.

Topic of my presentation:

  1. North Korea has abducted ordinary citizens throughout the world.

  2. The transportation route of abductees from East Asia to North Korea.

  3. The purpose of Abduction

  4. The way of solving the abduction issue

  5. What do we have to do?

We have to prepare for the collapse of the Kim Jong-il regime in order to rescue all abductees.

Expected worst scenario upon collapse of the Kim Jong-il regime

  • Confusion of the North Korean government

  • Numerous defectors flow out of North Korea to East Asia (China, South Korea, and Japan)

  • Excursion of abductees