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LFNKR Protests Nagano
Olympic Torch Relay

Nagano Japan, April 26:

The Olympic torch relay was carried under high security as 3,000 policemen stood at high alert. The heavy guard was posted to protect relay runners from intruders throwing raw eggs and tomatoes, but it also kept away interested citizens.

Many of those attending were asking “Is this a peace festival? Aren't the Olympics supposed to be a symbol of peace and friendship?”

The Olympic Torch Relay ceremonies around the world have been dogged by controversy, as demonstrators in many countries protest egregious human rights violations by China, host of the 2008 Olympic Games.

In an ironic bit of timing, the Torch Relay day in Nagano coincided with the first day of the annual North Korea Freedom Week, April 26 to May 3, 2008

LFNKR members stood in a cold rain as they publicly urged China to reconsider its North Korean refugee policy.

LFNKR members braved rain to focus our energies on the demonstration in Nagano on April 26. The demonstration urged the Chinese government to respect the human rights of all people, including the North Korean refugees attempting to flee to China. Read the LFNKR flyer handed out on the street.

If you would like to help, LFNKR suggests sending a letter to the PRC embassy in your country. Your letter could urge the Chinese government to show international society that they do respect human rights by halting their inhumane behavior.

You can find the PRC embassy in your country at this URL: