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Is China Qualified
To Host the Olympics

Flyer Handed out by LFNKR in Nagano

On April 26, the Beijing Olympic torch relay ceremony is being held in Nagano City, Japan. This day interestingly coincides with the worldwide protest day for raising awareness of the violation of human rights of North Korean refugees who have fled into China.

On world protest day this year, LFNKR (Life Funds for North Korean Refugees) is here in Nagano for a demonstration urging the Chinese government to respect human lives and human rights.

The recent disturbances in Tibet have obviously attracted the attention of international society to the human rights issues that remain unimproved in China. Typical examples are the ruthless oppression of the Tibetans, ethnic cleansing in the Uyghur Autonomous Region, oppression of Mongolian autonomy in Inner Mongolia, the arrest and detention of human rights lawyers and democratic activists in China, and the repatriation of North Korean refugees, which puts their lives at dire risk.

North Korean refugees have fled into China to seek the freedom to live and gain access to food. But instead of finding freeedom, they face Chinese authorities who arrest and repatriate them to North Korea. There, they face the danger of death in concentration camps, and in some cases summary public execution.

There is another tragedy. Even if female North Korean defectors choose marriage with Chinese men in order to survive, and become mothers, the Chinese authorities arrest these mothers as illegal immigrants, uproot them, and send them back to North Korea.

The result is orphans who lose their mothers and, usually, are abandoned by their Chinese fathers. The number of these orphans is currently estimated at up to 60,000 to 70,000. The repatriation of these North Korean defectors by the Chinese government violates their human rights and is counter to all humanitarianism.

It also violates the International Convention on the Status of Refugees. China, being a signatory to this Refugees Convention, is liable by law to observe its conditions.

The Olympics is a “festival of peace and friendship.” LFNKR is heartily in favor of the Olympics as they are based on this noble spirit. However, the serious ongoing violations of human rights in China, which seem to be worsening as the Beijing Olympics approach, obviously blackens and demeans the traditional spirit of the Olympics.

Can China be allowed, without protest, to continue this behavior that runs so counter to the spirit of the Olympics?

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