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Carpe Diem! Seize the Day!

Outline of Speech by Tim Peters

      Founder, Helping Hands Korea

Carpe Diem! Seize the Day!
Helping Hands Korea

Current Conditions for North Korean Refugees in China
• No protection of human rights
Utterly vulnerable to traffickers
Subject to forced repatriation

CN,NK Border Patrols Tightened
Winter brings an icy but treacherous opportunity for NK refugees to cross Tumen and Yalu Rivers

Hazards at Border More Severe
Heat and motion sensors installed on Chinese side of Tumen and Yalu Rivers
Fences going up near Sinuiju
High-tech vehicles now patroling border area to better detect fleeing refugees

2007 NK Border Patrols Equipped with Dragonov Sniper Rifles,Dogs

Transition from Urban Shelters......... to Rural, Wilderness Shelters

Abandoned farm-houses, makeshift lean-to’s provide some warmth & cover.This simple Mt. house is deemed quite comfortable.

Shelters Now More Widespread
Previous assumption that NKRs remain close to CN_NK border not entirely accurate.
This shelter much nearer SE Asian borders with CN.
Wider dispersal contributes to undercounting of NKRs

International Dimensions to ‘Underground Railroad’
Tragic Price paid by one NK Family
Yoo Chul-min,10, died crossing the Gobi Desert at the Chinese-Mongolian border in July of 2002
Yoo Sang-joon, Chul-min’s father,dedicated himself to helping other NKRs after son’s death.Imprisoned in China 8.07

Yet…China is Vulnerable Now!
As 2008 Olympic Sponsor, Beijing is desperate to have a good PR image
Its repatriation of NK refugees, violation of the1951 Refugee Convention, treatment of Falung Gong & house church leaders, silence on Burmese crackdown, Tibet has made China VERY NERVOUS….(YSJ)

What Can You Do?
ACT on your feelings about China’s policies:
Demonstrate in front of any Chinese diplomatic or cultural facility worldwide!The Gideon Project---Be one of the “300”.
Link your concern to other individuals and organizations, even if they’re not identical to your your network,e.g. Abductee groups can link with other broad-based NK human rights causes.
Write to the Chinese embassy or consul general in your area regarding forced repatriation of N.Korean refugees;stand up & be counted!!
Communicate your concern to Olympic sponsors, etc, etc.

Seoul’s daily 444 Campaign to Halt Refugees’Forced Repatriation from China to North Korea

Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate
Before Sweden’s Parliament
Chinese Embassy,Stockholm
Chinese Embassy,the Hague
International Criminal Court,Holland
UN Bldg. and Chinese Embassy,New York City
Washington D.C.
TOKYO? Osaka? Fukuoka?

A breakthrough on NK refugees and human rights may be much closer than we realize. China is the key to the refugee crisis and a pre-Olympics China is NERVOUS.The next 11 months is our “golden window of opportunity!”Carpe Diem!!
Each one of us has the potential to change China’s policy far more than we realize
Let’s work TOGETHER! The synergy of Unity!

Thank you for your time & attention!

Any thoughts, suggestions, advice, corrections and/or interest to network with the volunteers of Helping Hands Korea will be most welcome & much appreciated

----- Tim Peters