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Now Supplying First Aid Kits to NK Refugees

Current Activities:

While the rest of the world's attention is riveted on North Korea and its claims of a successful nuclear test, LFNKR would like to point again to the many North Korean refugees and their continuing need for help.

LFNKR, since its founding in 1998, has provided North Korean refugees with aid, specifically distributing food and clothing through local staff. For more information about LFNKR's activities during 2006 and its plans for 2007, see these pages:

2006 Activities - read more 

2007 Plans - read more

Many North Korean refugees still need help. LFNKR has launched a campaign aimed at supplying home medical first-aid kits to help North Korean refugees in the event of illness.

It is a frightening fact that North Korean defectors who have escaped into China and are hiding there cannot go to hospitals when illness strikes. Each emergency kit includes antipyretics, pain killers, antibiotics, intestinal remedies, and other OTC medicines. LFNKR plans to supply 300 of these kits during this next fiscal year.

Every donation of twenty dollars provides one medical kit to help North Korean refugees who face sickness. We invite you to join our campaign to provide these home medical kits.

You can donate here

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Now you can search for the specific information you need at our website (you'll find the new search form near the top left on every page). Our website has grown dramatically since it was begun in 2002, and with it the mass of data we have published. Our new search feature makes it easier to comb through all our pages to find exactly what you need... a convenient new resource for keeping up with North Korean refugee issues.

Regards from Japan,
Kato Hiroshi