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Thai Authorities Holding
175 North Korean Refugees

You Can Help - Mail a Letter

The Thai government is negotiating with the United Nations and the South Korean government after Thai police followed a tip and found 175 North Koreans at a house in Bangkok.

Following a tip-off by the neighbors, the Thai police raided a house on August 22, 2006, where they found 128 women, 37 men and 10 children, all North Koreans.

The refugees were being sheltered while seeking asylum in other countries, including South Korea. See this article at Thailand Discovers 175 North Korean Refugees Hiding in Bangkok

For your reference, we are attaching a sample letter below.
We urge you to send letters to the Thai Ambassador in your
country requesting that these refugees be safely released to
South Korea or other country where they will not be
repatriated to North Korea.

Sample Letter

Your Excellency,

I take this occasion to express concern for the 175 North Korean refugees being detained by the Thai authorities since August 22.

The world community is well aware of the excellent humanitarian record of Thailand and its granting of safe passage to North Korean refugees in the past.

There is global admiration for Thailand's Mr. Vitit
Muntarbhorn, both as a distinguished legal scholar and as a tireless worker on behalf of human rights. He has helped reduce the hardships faced by North Korean refugees since being appointed as UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in North Korea.

I trust you will encourage your government in the strongest possible terms to continue its humanitarian treatment of refugees and arrange for the prompt safe passage of the 175 North Korean refugees to South Korea or other nation where they can be granted safe haven.

Respectfully yours,

________ Sign ________

Here is a partial list of Thai Embassies for your convenience