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IPCNKR Action Program
for North Korean Refugees and the Redress of Human Rights

2nd General Meeting, Tokyo, August 1, 2005

We the members of the International Parliamentarians' Coalition for North Korean Refugees (IPCNKR) will aim to implement the following action program based on the objectives set out in the Joint Statement adopted by the 2nd General Assembly of the IPCNKR.

    1. Understanding that the abduction issue is a serious problem shared by both the Republic of Korea and Japan, we will once again use parliamentary debate to urge the governments of both countries to form the necessary cooperative framework to deal with this problem. Furthermore, we urge both countries to sternly confront the government of North Korea on this issue.
    2. Following the adoption of the North Korean Human Rights Act by the United States Congress, we will do our utmost to ensure that legislation redressing the human rights of North Koreans also be enacted in Japan and the Republic of Korea.
    3. We will submit, to the parliaments of the respective nations a 'Parliamentary resolution concerning North Korean refugees and the redress of human rights' based on the objectives incorporated in the Joint Statement.
    4. We will form an investigative team consisting of members of the International Parliamentarians' Coalition and carry out investigation of conditions within North Korea, in the border region between the People's Republic of China and North Korea and elsewhere. At the same time we will make strong representations to international organizations and the governments of the respective countries regarding the dispatch of an official United Nations human rights inspection mission.