Monthly Archives: October 2004

Chinese Government Siezes More Refugees

65 Refugees, 2 Rescue Workers 

LFNKR, together with all other human rights and humanitarian organizations, calls for China to release immediately the 65 North Korean refugees and the 2 Korean rescue workers, who have been arrested and are being unjustly held in prison.

LFNKR received the following English translation of a statement issued in Korean by the Democracy Network Against the North Korean Gulag. 

U.S. Congress Passes Bill to Aid North Koreans

Both houses of the U.S. Congress unanimously passed The North Korea Human Rights Act, then on 18 Oct. 2004, the president signed it into law. It provides useful new tools to help both those who flee the North Korean regime and those who are trapped inside the country.

(Click here to download this 17 page PDF document)

13-year-old Boy Escapes NK Prison, Relates His Story

Translation of Letter from Young Refugee

The following letter was sent to us by human rights activist Sin-U Nam, who received it by email. He says:


I read a terrible story on the Korean websites last night. This is a story of a boy from North Korea, now hiding inside China somewhere. I have read many stories of the NK refugees, but this may be the worst. It made me physically sick.

Asylum Seekers Arrested inside American School

Chinese police take women and children away

On Monday, the 27th of September, 8 North Korean women and children entered the Elementary school building of the Shanghai American School, where school administrators called Chinese Police, then surrendered the refugees to the authorities.

Below is an email our organization received directly from an eyewitness at the school, describing what happened. That message is followed by a statement apparently issued by the school administrator.